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My Story

Since childhood I enjoyed caring for others and held an immense interest in science & healthcare. However, aside from medical doctors, I had little understanding of healthcare professions. The birth of my daughter opened my eyes to bedside nursing. While other specialties peaked my interest, the most fulfilling role is working with mama's & babies. Working as a postpartum nurse I began to notice a troubling trend. Many mother's entered the breastfeeding journey completely unaware of what lies ahead, no preparation for the challenges that can arise with this natural but new experience.  

While I was passionate about supporting breastfeeding families and had my own personal experience, I knew that would not be enough to provide optimal support. Thus began my journey to become a board certified lactation consultant. In December 2020 I officially earned the title!

For six years I have supported families during pregnancy, birth, and throughout the breastfeeding journey in the hospital, free standing birth center, clinic, & in home. 

About Me: About Me
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